My Life in Five Years

     I would like to be doing traveling, publishing, and dating in the next five years. I want to travel around the world, publish some books, and make a girlfriend. First, I want to travel the world especially in Europe and Egypt alone or accompanying few friends. It will be a shame to borrow all the money from parents for my travelling expenses, so I will have to work part-time job. Of course, I will have some assists from my parents, but I want to earn at least half of the travelling expenses. Furthermore, for communication I will have to learn foreign languages. I will study German, French, and Italian. Next, I want to publish a book. I will be living in some officetel alone without any disturb, and I want to write a book with an isolated condition. All background information for the book will be earned by books and my early experience, so I want to write a book like a hikikomori. I do not matter how long it takes. Finally, I want to make a girlfriend and make a happy memory. Therefore, I will make my body, buy some nice clothes, and get some hair cut. I will work out at a gym everyday, and learn some trend to look nice. It will make me normal to special. Although I am short in length, I want to meet a nice women who can only look at me, and who considers marrying me. It will be a dream life to me if all these comes true in the next five years.

 date 여행 작가


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