My Life With TV

I rarely watch TV because of my childhood experience. I watch TV only on the weekend for a couple of hours. To begin with, when I was young, I did not have control of the TV remote controller. Therefore, the only shows I watched were what my mother and father watched, and that was usually golf programs or dramas for women. Those programs were not my taste, so I eventually grew apart from watching TV. Furthermore, I had institution classes to attend at the time some programs were on TV which might have fit my taste. However, although I watched TV very seldom, I had some favorite TV shows which were “Friends” and “Hell’s Kitchen.” “Friends” is an American sitcom and it is a very old program which was on 10 years ago. Recently, I am fond of “Big Bang Theory”, which is also an American sitcom, but still “friends” is the best. “Hell’s Kitchen” is a cooking survival program. I love this program because I love cooking and Gordon Ramsay is so charismatic. Both programs were sometime humorous, sometime touching, and sometime breathtaking.

티비 프렌즈~1


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