My Social Problem – Online Game Regulation

A social problem which concerns me most is online regulation in South Korea. Online game regulation is a recent project from government for purpose to prevent game addiction. This issue caused controversy for two reasons. First, the article of online game regulation contained law that has nothing to do with preventing game addiction. They forced game industry to pay 6% of their income. Second, government is trying to put game as a 4th addiction matter which includes drug, gambling, and alcohol. Furthermore, they are blaming game for the cause of all juvenile delinquency. All of government’s opinion about game is wrong. They does not see the real problem. Therefore, many people thinks they are using social panic. To stop this, we must claim our opinoin loudly, not just sitting behind the computer and get mad about it.

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My Life in Five Years

     I would like to be doing traveling, publishing, and dating in the next five years. I want to travel around the world, publish some books, and make a girlfriend. First, I want to travel the world especially in Europe and Egypt alone or accompanying few friends. It will be a shame to borrow all the money from parents for my travelling expenses, so I will have to work part-time job. Of course, I will have some assists from my parents, but I want to earn at least half of the travelling expenses. Furthermore, for communication I will have to learn foreign languages. I will study German, French, and Italian. Next, I want to publish a book. I will be living in some officetel alone without any disturb, and I want to write a book with an isolated condition. All background information for the book will be earned by books and my early experience, so I want to write a book like a hikikomori. I do not matter how long it takes. Finally, I want to make a girlfriend and make a happy memory. Therefore, I will make my body, buy some nice clothes, and get some hair cut. I will work out at a gym everyday, and learn some trend to look nice. It will make me normal to special. Although I am short in length, I want to meet a nice women who can only look at me, and who considers marrying me. It will be a dream life to me if all these comes true in the next five years.

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My Life With TV

I rarely watch TV because of my childhood experience. I watch TV only on the weekend for a couple of hours. To begin with, when I was young, I did not have control of the TV remote controller. Therefore, the only shows I watched were what my mother and father watched, and that was usually golf programs or dramas for women. Those programs were not my taste, so I eventually grew apart from watching TV. Furthermore, I had institution classes to attend at the time some programs were on TV which might have fit my taste. However, although I watched TV very seldom, I had some favorite TV shows which were “Friends” and “Hell’s Kitchen.” “Friends” is an American sitcom and it is a very old program which was on 10 years ago. Recently, I am fond of “Big Bang Theory”, which is also an American sitcom, but still “friends” is the best. “Hell’s Kitchen” is a cooking survival program. I love this program because I love cooking and Gordon Ramsay is so charismatic. Both programs were sometime humorous, sometime touching, and sometime breathtaking.

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