Superstition is an irrational belief without any scientific reason. For example, in Korea, many people consider the number ‘4’ as an unlucky number  because it has same pronunciation with word ‘Death’ in Chinese. I am not a superstitious person, but I know a lot of superstitions from around the world. That is because I am deeply interested in superstition and its origins or unexpected scientific explanations. For example, in Korea, people believed that when a person has a problem with their stomach, rubbing the stomach with your hand will cure it. However, in scientific research, it was learned true that rubbing stomach with hand helps a person to digest well. I like to find out these fascinating facts about superstitions, and some superstitions are very fun and amazing to read about. In contrast, licking wounds will heal it was learned false that it might cause disease. Superstition will never disappear because people are afraid of unexpected events and want to explain it somehow. Although old superstition may disappears because of  logical explanations, new superstition will arise alongside development in society.



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