My Dream Vacation

My dream vacation is visiting Korea Antarctic Research Program Sejong Station in the Antarctica. The Antarctica is a restricted area for normal people. Therefore, I will need some qualification to go there. If I go to Sejong Station, I will be there as a researcher of a chef. If I apply as a researcher, I will need a bachelor’s degree related to the Antarctica. On the other hand, if I apply as a chef, I will need a license and a work as a chef career more than 7 years. I will arrive at Sejong Station by icebreaker departed from Chile. The cost is not a problem because it is for work, so I won’t spend any of my money. Rather, I will get paid reasonably. Although it is a job, it will be a working holiday for me because visiting Antarctica is one of my dreams. I want to work in Sejong Station for about a year so that I can see every season in Antarctica. It will be a great pleasure, and that is why my dream vacation is to visit Antarctica.

세종기지 쇄빙선


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