I Can’t Live Without My Friend Lee Jong-hwan

   My friend Lee Jong-hwan makes me happy all the time. He is my best friend since high school where we met first time. He is taking military service right now, but we contact each other very often. We usually play game ‘League of Legend’ or eat something when we hang out together outside. I invite him at my house very often. At my house, we does a lot of activities, such as playing video games, cooking, and watching television. There is only one computer in my house, and Jong-hwan takes it all the time. That is because just looking at him playing computer and talking together sitting right next to him makes me very happy. He is very talkative person and humorous. While talking to him, I feel relived and forget all the worries I had. That is why just sitting by him makes me happy. I feel very happy and delight when my friend Lee Jong-hwan is around me. I would have might ask him out if he was her.

best-friends-day-2 bundang_daejin


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