My Classmate Gwak Sang-eun

     My classmate Gwak Sang-eun is a shy twenty-three years old, who studies Physical Education in Korea University. She lives in Kkachisan Seoul, and has a mother, father, and two older sisters. Her sisters already graduated university and are working in a bank and the media right now. Her dream is to become an Adapted Physical Education teacher for high school students. An Adapted Physical Education is a teacher who teaches Physical Education to disabled children. She wants to fix problem about bullying disabled child. She is very interested in this and I find her very kind and generous. Therefore, she wants to go to New Zealand because it is well-developed in Adapted Physical Education. She has specialized in volleyball, and has won a prize when she was a high school student. She likes to listen to music, especially Busker Busker music. She also likes to watch movies, and her favorite genre is animation. She was very happy when she passed the entrance exam for Korea University. I think she is always ready to talk and be friendly with others, but she is a bit shy, so let’s talk to her first.

2009031900468_1 버스커 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


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