Superstition is an irrational belief without any scientific reason. For example, in Korea, many people consider the number ‘4’ as an unlucky number  because it has same pronunciation with word ‘Death’ in Chinese. I am not a superstitious person, but I know a lot of superstitions from around the world. That is because I am deeply interested in superstition and its origins or unexpected scientific explanations. For example, in Korea, people believed that when a person has a problem with their stomach, rubbing the stomach with your hand will cure it. However, in scientific research, it was learned true that rubbing stomach with hand helps a person to digest well. I like to find out these fascinating facts about superstitions, and some superstitions are very fun and amazing to read about. In contrast, licking wounds will heal it was learned false that it might cause disease. Superstition will never disappear because people are afraid of unexpected events and want to explain it somehow. Although old superstition may disappears because of  logical explanations, new superstition will arise alongside development in society.



My Dream Vacation

My dream vacation is visiting Korea Antarctic Research Program Sejong Station in the Antarctica. The Antarctica is a restricted area for normal people. Therefore, I will need some qualification to go there. If I go to Sejong Station, I will be there as a researcher of a chef. If I apply as a researcher, I will need a bachelor’s degree related to the Antarctica. On the other hand, if I apply as a chef, I will need a license and a work as a chef career more than 7 years. I will arrive at Sejong Station by icebreaker departed from Chile. The cost is not a problem because it is for work, so I won’t spend any of my money. Rather, I will get paid reasonably. Although it is a job, it will be a working holiday for me because visiting Antarctica is one of my dreams. I want to work in Sejong Station for about a year so that I can see every season in Antarctica. It will be a great pleasure, and that is why my dream vacation is to visit Antarctica.

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I Can’t Live Without My Friend Lee Jong-hwan

   My friend Lee Jong-hwan makes me happy all the time. He is my best friend since high school where we met first time. He is taking military service right now, but we contact each other very often. We usually play game ‘League of Legend’ or eat something when we hang out together outside. I invite him at my house very often. At my house, we does a lot of activities, such as playing video games, cooking, and watching television. There is only one computer in my house, and Jong-hwan takes it all the time. That is because just looking at him playing computer and talking together sitting right next to him makes me very happy. He is very talkative person and humorous. While talking to him, I feel relived and forget all the worries I had. That is why just sitting by him makes me happy. I feel very happy and delight when my friend Lee Jong-hwan is around me. I would have might ask him out if he was her.

best-friends-day-2 bundang_daejin

Three Things I Can’t Live Without

There are several reasons why I cannot live without my comic books, air conditioner, and money. First, comic books are my only pleasure in my life. I suppose that is because I am not satisfied with reality. Second, air conditioners are an essential appliance to me, especially in summer. I hate hot humid weather, and air conditioners are my savior. Finally, money is very important because today the world is run by money. I cannot do anything without money.

comics-books 에어콘 2money

My Classmate Gwak Sang-eun

     My classmate Gwak Sang-eun is a shy twenty-three years old, who studies Physical Education in Korea University. She lives in Kkachisan Seoul, and has a mother, father, and two older sisters. Her sisters already graduated university and are working in a bank and the media right now. Her dream is to become an Adapted Physical Education teacher for high school students. An Adapted Physical Education is a teacher who teaches Physical Education to disabled children. She wants to fix problem about bullying disabled child. She is very interested in this and I find her very kind and generous. Therefore, she wants to go to New Zealand because it is well-developed in Adapted Physical Education. She has specialized in volleyball, and has won a prize when she was a high school student. She likes to listen to music, especially Busker Busker music. She also likes to watch movies, and her favorite genre is animation. She was very happy when she passed the entrance exam for Korea University. I think she is always ready to talk and be friendly with others, but she is a bit shy, so let’s talk to her first.

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