My Hometown

     My hometown of Bundang is one of the calmest places to live and spend time for entertainment. Bundang is and eco-friendly, quiet, and neat city. There are many parks and mountains. People can exercise or easily play sports here. As there is plenty space for playing sports, neighbors in Bundang are all friendly, Bundang has many buses so people use their cars less. Therefore, the air in Bundang is much cleaner and more refreshing than in other cities. Also, Bundang has plenty of places and programs to enjoy in our free time, such as sport centers, baking classes, and coffee classes. Furthermore, Bundang is still developing. The subway line is getting longer, and more and more beautiful house are being built or getting remodeled. I love my hometown and I can claim with pride that my hometown is the best place to live.

분당 율동공원 중앙공원


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