All About Joon

     HI! My name is Lee Joon. I am a sophomore in Korea University. My major is Creative Writing. I study how to write a novel and a poet. Therefore, I like to read books. Also, I wrote a short novel, and writing another one right now. The first novel I wrote was for assignment in my major class. It was historic fiction including some romance. The novel I am writing currently is a classic fantasy just like the famous novel ‘The Lord of The Rings’. My hobby is watching movie and playing cards. My favorite movie is ‘Real Steel’, which stars Hugh Jackman. I am a huge fan of his, that I watched all of his movie. Card game I play is called Yu-gi-oh. Most people thinks that Yu-gi-oh is childish, but I think it is very complicated game. When I was young, I traveled to many countries, such as California, Australia, Paris, London, Cambodia, China, Canada, Japan, and New Zealand. Of the counties I visited, Australia was the best, because Australia had very clean air and superb natural landscape. My role model is my father. He is a professor in Korea University teaching Art History of Archeology. Although he had tough childhood, he overcame it and, enjoys his life today. Just like him, I want to enjoy my life even there are many obstacles in front of me. My dream is to build my own home library in my house. I like reading all kind of books, even comic books. For that reason, I need a huge place to keep all those books, and that is why I want to have my own home library. To achieve my goal, I will have to earn much money. So, I am studying hard to earn much money in the future, and I will enjoy my life with it just like my father.

고려대반지의 제왕휴 잭맨 유희왕 오스트레일리아 서재


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